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Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1 - Adina West 2.5 stars

I've read the Dark Child series over a year ago and here, with this episode that follows the initial story, I've found myself a little confused because I didn't remember much about the story in itself or the different characters. I still have some memories that came back after a while, but not everything. I don't really understand why it isn't called Episode 6 instead of Episode 1 since it's following the Episode 5... Anyway, here it was short maybe too short to get attached again to Kat. It felt more like a sample. I wish that we had more of Kat, Jonathan and Dominic instead of having to read about Ben and that new girl we didn't really know. I'm curious how Dominic and Kat's interactions will evolve.

A little disappointed for me even if I'd read the next episode because I'm still intrigued and interested in this story!

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Her Last Whisper

Her Last Whisper - Karen Robards Oh my god. Where to start?

When I found out that Her last whisper was on Netgalley, I first thought that my request would be declined because I need to send more feedbacks. But anyway, I got approved and I was really excited to start reading it! I fell in love with these unique characters in the previous instalment and I had to know what happened to them afterward.

But I'll admit I was sceptical for the first 60% because I didn't really get into it. I liked it and it was nice to read but I wasn't hooked, at least not yet. I didn't really care about this new case with Lena' sister. I wanted to rate it 3 stars for that part but then the story picked up. There were lots of actions and twists that kept me on edge.

The romance was fantastic too. I was still hoping that they'll find a way to be permanently together because, come on, Michael and Charlie are still perfect for each other. I laughed and cried for them, especially in the end with that cliffhanger.

So now, I really need to know more. What is going on?
I guess I have to wait to know the answer. Is there another book after this one? I have no idea... It seems like it considering how it ended.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Another great book in the series. If you liked reading The Last Kiss Goodbye, don't miss this one.

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Tempting Alibi

Tempting Alibi - Savannah Stuart 3.5 stars

Nice and short romance with enough erotica to keep you interested. Even if the ending was a little fast, it didn't bother me since I wasn't in the mood to have to read a few hundreads pages this morning just before going to work. Anyway, I've found the characters were perfect for each other and made a good couple. Perfect for a quick read between two others.

Play Me

Play Me - Blue Ashcroft 4,5 stars

I really enjoyed reading this novella. I wish it was longer, of course because it was really short. So I have to wait now, and I'm dying to get my hands on the next instalment and keep reading. I loved the three guys, they were cute and funny but could also be sexy and intense at some moments. I liked her friend "Lulu" too, she was fun and nice to be around.

I think the plot with Nate, her ex-boyfriend, will thickens in the next book and that we'll get more explanations about the characters' stories. I'm also curious about how the friendship with Ethan will evolve and if or when Alex will finaly let her in even if it won't be easy, after everything that happened to him.

Let's hope the two other novellas will be released shortly! *fingers crossed*

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The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance

The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae 4.5 stars

I loved this book and the title was perfectly chosen. It was a sweet and easy romance where for once the hero wasn't some arrogant jock from college. I think readers could easily be swept away by these touching characters who turned (slowly) from bestfriends to lovers.

Eric and Mia, the heroine has been friends for five years already but have been apart for too long. He has just moved back in the states and they will be roomates for a summer while they both have jobs. When they meet again, Mia is shocked to see his weightloss. She loved him before and she still did after all this time because they kept contact via Internet.

Eric had his insecurities because of what happened in his previous and only "Relationship" with a girl named Ali. I'm not going to tell you how I feel toward her because this review could turn a little hateful. So basically, she messed him up pretty bad because three years later he still has to take pills for anxiety and go to a doctor to help him with his fears.

There was some really funny moments and I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud. The only thing I could reproach would be when Mia was too much on a screen instead of being with him. The scene when she was driving was a little unnerving and I found myself irritated by her, but that's it.

And by the way, the scene when he started touching her back was swoon worthy! I'm jealous, I want my own real Eric.

***An ARC has been given to me in exchange of an honest review***

Daddy's Game

Daddy's Game - Normandie Alleman I've read the first book, and I wanted to try this one too to see if I'd enjoy it more. I honestly can't say which one I liked or disliked the most. There are probably things that could be improved, like the cover. Here, it looks like the girl has stiff arms or something... (it makes me think about The Sims).

It was an okay read but at some moments it felt like the characters were rehearsing a text and I skipped a few passages because of it. I wish I'd feel more attached to these characters, I liked them but didn't love them. The sex between them was nice and steamy. The "pony" game was a first for me and I was surprised but I honestly don't want to see it in real life.

Natron was cocky at the beginning, he thought nothing bad could happen to him, so when his knee broke it seems that he become a little less arrogant. The few issues they had with Carmen seemed to have been resolved easily, maybe too easily if you ask me. Going to a strip club without saying anything about it afterward and hitting her with a belt for no other reason than to ease his anger on her... I'm not convinced. Same thing with the photo of the woman. The happy ending was expected.

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Untraceable - S.R. Johannes At first, I thought Untraceable was a YA dystopia but not at all. It must be the cover that makes me remember others books. Anyway I enjoyed reading this one. I liked the heroine, she was nosy and smart. Often the characters are too naive and believe everything they're told without searching for the hidden truth, but not here and I was glad!

Her father has been missing for three months now, the police are closing his file because it looks like he drowned. But Grace knows him better than anyone and proves it by not stopping to believe that he's still alive.

She'll have to use everything she's been taught from her dad. She knows everything is connected in a way or another but doesn't know how, at least not yet.

There was lots of action and mystery around these dead bears and illegal hunters. I liked the romance added to it with Mo, and I hope it will be more developed in the next instalment.

But, (yes there is a but) I was really disappointed at a moment toward the end when it seemed like everyone was dead... I was really frustrated and irritated to what happened to her father. I was less enthusiastic to keep reading but then it was better because of new elements that will introduce you to the next book.

***E-copy received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***

Rush of Innocence

Rush of Innocence - L.R. Potter 2.5 stars

Life Blood

Life Blood - V.M. Black 2.5 stars


Introductions - C.L. Stone 4.5 stars

At first, I didn't really know what to expect of this book but then I saw lots of reviews telling how good this book was, and yes I can tell you this was good! I admit it, I was reluctant to start this one because of the cover (I can be shallow like that sometimes...), I had the one with the guy in front of a chalkboard and I honestly found it ugly and unappealing.

Anyway, this book is about Sang, a girl with a difficult family who had just moved in. She's going to the public school next year with her (horrible) sister, and it's for her a chance to start over. Then she met Kota who soon become friendly and help her to be away from her parents for the night. It's her first real friendship, and we'll see her form a bound with six other guys. I can honestly say that I love them all.

At first, I thought the author wouldn't be able to develop each character enough for me to grow attach to them but I was wrong. Of course, I have my favorites: Silas and North, they seems to be a little harsh when you met them but no, they could be so adorable and I just couldn't get enough of them.

I hope Sang will grow a backbone and face her mother instead of suffering all her cruelty. How can a mother can do what she did. I would be so angry if I was Sang...
So, overall I really enjoyed this introduction to the series and I'll probably read the next book. I want to know more about this "Academy" and what it really means for the guys, especially when there wasn't a lot of explanations about it here. An easy and addictive read!

***I had an e-copy of this book in exchange of an honest review through Netgalley***


Fury - Anya Bast 2.5 stars


Freefall - Tess Oliver 3,5 stars

Can't Have You

Can't Have You - CozItRunsInMyBlood 3,5 stars

I tried to forgot the fact that it had the characters from twilight or at least their names to enjoy it. It was a really different story that not everyone would like to read (I'm not one of them, I was ready to try this one and it worked!). I found it a little long when Bella couldn't admit she wanted him, but it was ok because they were torn between acting like they were normal or just do the "wrong" thing. I don't have a brother, so the sibling love didn't really shocked me or disgusted me, let's not forget it's only a book and not in real life! So if that kind of forbidden love doesn't bother you, go ahead it's free :).

White Christmas

White Christmas - Ros Baxter 2,5 stars

Wolf's Oath

Wolf's Oath - Maddy Barone Unrealistic, I wasn't particulary attached to any of the characters. A quick shifter futuristic and free read, but I feel a little numb toward this one. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. Do I make sense ? Mmh, not really. I'm sure some people enjoyed reading this.

On Her Watch

On Her Watch - Rie Warren Ok so, I didn't enjoy reading the first 70% of this book, unfortunately but the story picked up a little after that so I guess it's why I didn't rate it one star. Also, the chemistry between Linc and Liz was pretty good and was the reason I kept reading when I really wanted to stop and read another book. Do I recommend this book? Mmh, no.

I don't know how many times I was frustrated or annoyed by this book, really. The main reason was the story at first, I honestly found it a little ridiculous sometimes. And then there was a character (Leon) who tried to speak in French a few times but it didn't mean anything or the words weren't even in the right order. And being French myself, I couldn't bring myself to not be irritated every time I saw one of these sentences. So, I'll give you an advice: if you want to make one of your character speak another language, then you must be sure about the spelling and the meaning yourself. And please bannish the translators, it can be a disaster.

"Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux" --> It's like saying "This man is a lot in love"... It's better to say "Cet homme est très amoureux".
"No more Darke. Pas plus va-t-et-vient" ok, so I get what the author tried to write here "No more back and forth" I would have wrote "Plus de va-et-vient." or "On arrête les va-et-vient"... It's just sounds weird.
"Dark, tell him... tiens-moi serré..." Why would he ask them to say to his lover to 'hold him tight' when someone kidnaps him? I don't know, shouldn't he have asked to tell him he loves him or something?

Anyway, the story isn't finished yet, the revolution has still lots of work to do if they want to stop Lincoln's father. If you want to know what happened next, then you need to read the next installment "Under his guard", it's Darke and Leon's story. I won't be reading this one.

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