White Trash Beautiful

White Trash Beautiful  - Teresa Mummert ***ARC received through Netgalley***

If you're looking to read a light story without much of a heartache, then look away and search again because you won't find this in "White trash beautiful". But if you're in the mood to read an emotional book, then this might be for you.

Cass is working her ass off as a waitress, so that maybe one day she'll have enough money to leave that trailer park she's living in with her drug addict of a boyfriend, and her useless mother who is also an addict. She wants to run away from this life and never look back but what's left of her loyalty toward her mother stopped her to do that. Nobody cares about her, because she's not the only one living like this and the sooner she accept that the better. She's used to it, until Tucker showed up and made her believe that there might still have some hope for her. That she can fall in love, and have a life worth living.

However, it annoyed me a little that she thought herself as worthless and sometimes I just wanted to punch the people around her. This book contain abuse, violence and drugs, just so you know.

That was a great storyline who detached itself a little from all the mediocre books we can find everywhere, it was a pleasure to read it even with the tears that came flowing by at one of the scenes in the end (you'll know the one). I gladly rate it 4 beautiful stars .