Freak of Nature

Freak of Nature - Julia Crane *ARC received via Netgalley*

A great cover and a good story who made me want to read some more.

This is the first book of Julia Crane and I am definitely curious about her other writings after reading Freak of Nature.

Kaitlyn is a science project. When she agreed to donate her body to science when she'll die, she never thought about these consequences. She's still alive, but different. She lives in a boring laboratory or in a cell if you prefer, cameras are watching her at all moments. She's evolving into a robot, a perfect weapon. They're erasing her memories and emotions to be more efficient, or so they said. But they must have missed something because sometimes, she can still feel emotions when Lucas is around her. She must hide it or they'll erase the last piece of humanity inside her too.

More and more, Lucas feels guilty about this 'experiment'. He knows the girl in front of him never agreed to this, but he's the brain of this operation. To whom his loyalty belongs? He's struggling with his feelings.

The end of the book was nicely done, I amlooking forward to the next instalment. I really want to know more about Erik, about the duo and their missions. Lucas's jealousy is also nice to see :).