Stones - Polly Johnson
Stones is the story of a young girl named Corinne (or Coo) who's struggling with some heavy family drama. Her brother Sam died a year ago because of alcohol but she doesn't miss the person he became. He was violent, mean and not the brother he should have been. Her parents seemed to not care at all if Sam hurt her, and it's still all about him, even now. She's feeling lonely and doesn't really connect with anyone, until Banks. I was really curious about him and I wanted to know more even if the book was focused on Coo's feelings.

What I didn't like? The ending. I don't really enjoy open endings and here it's like I didn't know at all what happened to Banks and I hated that feeling. It makes you think he drowned, but I'm not going to think that way because I can't bear it! It's too sad for my sensible heart. I felt bad how Coo left things with him and I just wanted to have more of an happy ending! I'm frustrated to be left that way...

Overall, I found that the story was compelling and realistic. It was emotional and I may have shed a tear or two. I liked it even if it was sad and a little unfinished.

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***