Beyond Solitude

Beyond Solitude - Kit Rocha Derek Ford is brooding. His leg is still healing after a bad motorcycle accident that happened a few weaks ago. He doesn't want anyone to see him weak so he mostly spend his time in his office working or watching people. He's a loner but not for long, especially since the O'Kane family needs to be tight right now.

Then there is Mia, she's a new girl coming from the sector two. She ran away from her owner, an asshole who didn't want her but who messed with her mind. She's been trained as an Orchid, she's technically a virgin but knows a lot about sex. She's smart and can be useful, that's why she starts working with Derek. With him, it's real and completely different from what she ever knew.

They made a really cute couple. They were sweet but also hot together. They didn't participate in the famous parties that goes in this sector and I liked it, that kind of debauchery isn't for every couple I guess.

I knew what to expect here and I wasn't disappointed at all. I really enjoyed reading this new book in the series and now I just need to read the rest!

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***