Fake It

Fake It - Jennifer Chance
Anna Richardson is a workaholic. Her father died when she was fifteen and then money got really tight with her mother. She's been through a few rough months where things weren't easy and now, she's determined to have a good job and make enough money. She's always worried, uptight and thinking too much. She really needs to have some fun and get loose. And guess what? There's a sexy new neighbor who'd like to do just that.

Jake Flynn is a good man and a little rough on the edge. He's a biker who loves to travel and work on motorcycles. He's free of doing what he wants and when, he lives in the present. Right now he's living in her grandmother's house to sell it before leaving for a new road trip. When he hears that Anna needs a fake boyfriend named Dave to go with her to her friend's wedding, he doesn't hesitate and volunteer.

At the end of the week-end, they both wants more, and Anna will finally be able to do what she really wants and take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Jake has to offer.

So, obviously here the cover first draw me in. The blurb was okay, and I decided to try it. I liked reading this title but I can't say if I prefer this one to Rock it since I haven't read this one yet.

A nice and sweet story even if Anna irritated me a little a some moments when she couldn't stop thinking and worrying for nothing.

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***