Her Last Whisper

Her Last Whisper - Karen Robards Oh my god. Where to start?

When I found out that Her last whisper was on Netgalley, I first thought that my request would be declined because I need to send more feedbacks. But anyway, I got approved and I was really excited to start reading it! I fell in love with these unique characters in the previous instalment and I had to know what happened to them afterward.

But I'll admit I was sceptical for the first 60% because I didn't really get into it. I liked it and it was nice to read but I wasn't hooked, at least not yet. I didn't really care about this new case with Lena' sister. I wanted to rate it 3 stars for that part but then the story picked up. There were lots of actions and twists that kept me on edge.

The romance was fantastic too. I was still hoping that they'll find a way to be permanently together because, come on, Michael and Charlie are still perfect for each other. I laughed and cried for them, especially in the end with that cliffhanger.

So now, I really need to know more. What is going on?
I guess I have to wait to know the answer. Is there another book after this one? I have no idea... It seems like it considering how it ended.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Another great book in the series. If you liked reading The Last Kiss Goodbye, don't miss this one.

***ARC received through Netgalley***