Slave Girl

Slave Girl - Lisa Cach Slave Girl is the first part in a series. It's only 90 pages and should be read quickly but it took me a while for me to finish it. I was a little bored around 30% and at the middle of the book because the story was dragging a bit. I was losing interest but the story picked up after that.

The main character is a young slave named Nimia. She's owned by Sygarius, her master for nine years. She has been trained and raised knowing that someday when she'll be ready, Sygarius will be the first man touching her. The only things she wants is to be free and to find her family again, but she would be risking safety and her own life by trying to escape or be with another man.

Clovis is a young and arrogant prince who charmed Nimia into having sex. Nimia is a little naive and happens what was supposed to happens... Things don't go smoothly afterward and she has to find a way out before Sygarius learns her betrayal.

I am having a hard time to know what to think of the different characters. Terix is probably the only character I liked, he was really sweet and nice. He's always here to help her and considere her as family. I was really disappointed by Clovis and a little irritated by him.

Overall, it was okay even if I wasn't hooked. I've never read a book with a similar story.

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***