The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance

The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae 4.5 stars

I loved this book and the title was perfectly chosen. It was a sweet and easy romance where for once the hero wasn't some arrogant jock from college. I think readers could easily be swept away by these touching characters who turned (slowly) from bestfriends to lovers.

Eric and Mia, the heroine has been friends for five years already but have been apart for too long. He has just moved back in the states and they will be roomates for a summer while they both have jobs. When they meet again, Mia is shocked to see his weightloss. She loved him before and she still did after all this time because they kept contact via Internet.

Eric had his insecurities because of what happened in his previous and only "Relationship" with a girl named Ali. I'm not going to tell you how I feel toward her because this review could turn a little hateful. So basically, she messed him up pretty bad because three years later he still has to take pills for anxiety and go to a doctor to help him with his fears.

There was some really funny moments and I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud. The only thing I could reproach would be when Mia was too much on a screen instead of being with him. The scene when she was driving was a little unnerving and I found myself irritated by her, but that's it.

And by the way, the scene when he started touching her back was swoon worthy! I'm jealous, I want my own real Eric.

***An ARC has been given to me in exchange of an honest review***