Untraceable - S.R. Johannes At first, I thought Untraceable was a YA dystopia but not at all. It must be the cover that makes me remember others books. Anyway I enjoyed reading this one. I liked the heroine, she was nosy and smart. Often the characters are too naive and believe everything they're told without searching for the hidden truth, but not here and I was glad!

Her father has been missing for three months now, the police are closing his file because it looks like he drowned. But Grace knows him better than anyone and proves it by not stopping to believe that he's still alive.

She'll have to use everything she's been taught from her dad. She knows everything is connected in a way or another but doesn't know how, at least not yet.

There was lots of action and mystery around these dead bears and illegal hunters. I liked the romance added to it with Mo, and I hope it will be more developed in the next instalment.

But, (yes there is a but) I was really disappointed at a moment toward the end when it seemed like everyone was dead... I was really frustrated and irritated to what happened to her father. I was less enthusiastic to keep reading but then it was better because of new elements that will introduce you to the next book.

***E-copy received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***