On Her Watch

On Her Watch - Rie Warren Ok so, I didn't enjoy reading the first 70% of this book, unfortunately but the story picked up a little after that so I guess it's why I didn't rate it one star. Also, the chemistry between Linc and Liz was pretty good and was the reason I kept reading when I really wanted to stop and read another book. Do I recommend this book? Mmh, no.

I don't know how many times I was frustrated or annoyed by this book, really. The main reason was the story at first, I honestly found it a little ridiculous sometimes. And then there was a character (Leon) who tried to speak in French a few times but it didn't mean anything or the words weren't even in the right order. And being French myself, I couldn't bring myself to not be irritated every time I saw one of these sentences. So, I'll give you an advice: if you want to make one of your character speak another language, then you must be sure about the spelling and the meaning yourself. And please bannish the translators, it can be a disaster.

"Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux" --> It's like saying "This man is a lot in love"... It's better to say "Cet homme est très amoureux".
"No more Darke. Pas plus va-t-et-vient" ok, so I get what the author tried to write here "No more back and forth" I would have wrote "Plus de va-et-vient." or "On arrête les va-et-vient"... It's just sounds weird.
"Dark, tell him... tiens-moi serré..." Why would he ask them to say to his lover to 'hold him tight' when someone kidnaps him? I don't know, shouldn't he have asked to tell him he loves him or something?

Anyway, the story isn't finished yet, the revolution has still lots of work to do if they want to stop Lincoln's father. If you want to know what happened next, then you need to read the next installment "Under his guard", it's Darke and Leon's story. I won't be reading this one.

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