Chained - Ruthie Knox I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading the first part of this series. Really, even if it was only 40 pages, I was hooked and entertained. I found the characters created in Chained interesting and of course I wish there was more, but then I'm sure the next book will satisfy the more curious.

Ashley seems like to be a woman with a strong will when she know what she wants. She's grieving her grandmother but has to 'fight' against Roman, the buyer of the place she considered as hers. But then, her idea was to chained herself to a palm tree, alone without any food, water or proper clothes. Not the best idea in the world, especially since a storm is coming their way. They have to compromise if they want to evacuate.

In Chained, we have the context of the story but we only have a glimpse of the attraction between Ashley and Roman, unfortunately. But I'm sure it will be more developped in the next part.

***ARC received through Netgalley***