Chase You To The Sun

Chase You To The Sun - Jocelyn Han 4-4.5 stars

Well, let me tell you that Chase you to the sun didn't disappoint me at all. This is the third book in the Stardust series so I knew what to expect from this book but I think it's the storyline I enjoyed the most among the three installments. I truly loved it and I had a good time reading it. There was everything I was looking for: a good plot with sci-fi elements, intriguing characters and a smoking-hot romance with steamy scenes. What could a girl ask for?

Svetlana (or "Lana") Ivanova is the daughter of the wealthiest Russian Elit family. She has no idea what kind of man her father truly is and five years after her mother died over the hands of vengeful rebels, she got herself kidnapped by Bruce Randall, a sexy and powerful space pirate. He's one of the most wanted criminal and is known for being quite ruthless. She's a leverage for him to obtain what he wants. Soon sparks will fly between the two of them, they're obviously both attracted to each other and even if he scares her and may have to hurt her, she isn't going to start running and screaming, not when she finally found someone she really wants.

This book is a little more dark and intense. The erotica part was well made and we could realy feel the chemistry between the characters. I also enjoyed seeing again the characters from the previous books, it was a nice reminder.

The ending was open for the readers, I wish I'd know more about how their Relationship will evolve but well, open endings often left me feeling like this so I'll deal with it. I wonder how the story will grow from here (with the start of a Revolution coming up). Maybe we'll get a fourth book with another hot couple? I hope so.

***I wanted to thank the author, Jocelyn Han, who kindly gave me a copy in exchange of an honest review ***