Her Royal Bodyguard

Her Royal Bodyguard - Natasha Moore ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Her Royal Bodyguard is the second book in the series but you can read it as a standalone if you prefer. It has lots of sweet romance and there is also the "we can't be together because you are royalty and I'm only a bodyguard" problem in the entire book.

When Angelina is almost kidnapped by armed men, she and Rico must pretend to be newly married and hide in Tuscora with Rico's family. What started as a job will be more complicated when the princess fall in love with him along the way...


But well, he kept rejecting her because of her title.

I didn't get attach to the characters (Angelina was annoying at times and honestly I wasn't that curious about her after reading the first chapters) and the plot fell a little flat for me. It was nice and short but there wasn't much chemistry either. Maybe it's only me because it seems all the books I've read lately were just ok or boring, and I'm growing tired of that... Let's hope I'll find a book who'll left me with lots of feelings because right now


And that sucks.