Introductions - C.L. Stone 4.5 stars

At first, I didn't really know what to expect of this book but then I saw lots of reviews telling how good this book was, and yes I can tell you this was good! I admit it, I was reluctant to start this one because of the cover (I can be shallow like that sometimes...), I had the one with the guy in front of a chalkboard and I honestly found it ugly and unappealing.

Anyway, this book is about Sang, a girl with a difficult family who had just moved in. She's going to the public school next year with her (horrible) sister, and it's for her a chance to start over. Then she met Kota who soon become friendly and help her to be away from her parents for the night. It's her first real friendship, and we'll see her form a bound with six other guys. I can honestly say that I love them all.

At first, I thought the author wouldn't be able to develop each character enough for me to grow attach to them but I was wrong. Of course, I have my favorites: Silas and North, they seems to be a little harsh when you met them but no, they could be so adorable and I just couldn't get enough of them.

I hope Sang will grow a backbone and face her mother instead of suffering all her cruelty. How can a mother can do what she did. I would be so angry if I was Sang...
So, overall I really enjoyed this introduction to the series and I'll probably read the next book. I want to know more about this "Academy" and what it really means for the guys, especially when there wasn't a lot of explanations about it here. An easy and addictive read!

***I had an e-copy of this book in exchange of an honest review through Netgalley***