Resisting the Hero

Resisting the Hero - Cindi Madsen ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Resisting the Hero is the first book in the series I've read, but it can be read as a standalone so I didn't have any troubles about that. I liked the cover and summary, and I knew it probably was a sweet romance. I wasn't disappointed by this one, it wasn't too much or not enough, you know? The characters were likeable, and I enjoyed the storyline.

Faith has been hurt too many times by men (the last one cheated on her), and the last thing she need in her life is a hero. Her father was a cop and she is still dealing with the past and what happened. She wants to date a nerdy guy who'll settle down with her. The thing is, she didn't expect to fall for a cocky cop who's also in the SWAT team. And now, she'll have her big brother but also Connor to worry about.

Connor is a player with a too big ego (and a hot body); something was missing in his life and after being around Faith and her sassy comebacks, he knew it wasn't something but someone.

If you are looking for sweet, Resisting the Hero is made for you!