Make You See Stars

Make You See Stars - Jocelyn Han ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Make you see stars is an original story about Victoria Wess, an Elite girl coming from Mars and Alen Novak, a man with a past he can't really escape.

The plot was interesting with enough romance, sex scenes and futuristic elements to make you want to know more. It was easy to read when you're hooked (the first chapter was a little more difficult to understand completely our surroundings) and the erotica part was well made. There is a good chemistry between the two main characters. And even if Victoria can be a little annoying at first, you learn to love her too. I just wanted them to be together since they both wanted it and since I'm more of a romance reader than a sci/fi reader, I was more captivated by their relationship than their surroundings. The end was really sweet and I wouldn't mind reading another.