Forbidden Surrender

Forbidden Surrender - Priscilla West ***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***

3,5 stars

Forbidden Surrender is the first book in the "Surrender" series, where the author introduces you to Kristen Daly, a woman who's living for her career as an analyst in a wealth management firm. She's working with her boss Richard who's a workaholic ( and a dick ). Then she meet in South Africa a potential client, Vincent Sorenson, a young and hot surfer who's also a CEO. She wants him (especially since she hasn't been with anyone in two years) but she deny it for a little while (unfortunately) with her excuse about losing her job and her reputation.

After that, he will pursuits her to have her in his bed, but apparently it is more than just sex. We aren't talking about feelings just yet (it would be too soon) but maybe it will come to that in the second or third book.

It was nice but I think the best part in that book was when those nipple piercings were involved ;).
I hope there will be more actions in the next one with that ex-boyfriend of her, and of course some more steamy scenes with Vincent. I want to feel more chemistry between them!