Wanted - J. Kenner ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Wow, that was good. It wasn't too long or too slow. There was a good pace, great characters, and a storyline that will make you want to know more about the author's books. 4,5 stars

"I know enough," he said, closing the distance between us even more. "I know you need a man who's strong enough to anchor you. A man who understands what you need, in bed and out of it." A deliciously sexy smile eased across his mouth. "You need a man who can just look at you and get you hot. And, Angie," he said, "I also know that Kevin Warner isn't that man."

This first book of the series is about Evan Black and Angelina (also called Lina or Angie, depends on how she acts). They wanted each other since they met but then, they both had a dark past and secrets that will keep them apart all these years. Now, at 24 years old Angie doesn't want to regret later not having him and after all, she doesn't have much to lose anyway. What's the worst he can do? Reject her? Even if he's wearing a mask of indifference, Evan is struggling to stay away from her just like he promised her uncle. The last thing he wants is to drag her into his mess, so that will take time for him to let down his guard and his control a little. Because YES, he is dominant and with jut a touch of bondage and spanking, that made the book even more enjoyable.

"That's fine for the world, baby. But when we're alone, you're mine. If you take control it's because I give it to you. Do you understand?"

A really good romance you'll want to read. Looking forward to see Cole and Taylor's stories.