Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor - Katana Collins *** ARC received through Netgalley ***

4,5 stars

Well, let me tell you that I didn't regret reading this book!
That was a great read and now I just want to put my hands on the third book "Souls surrender". Unfortunately, I'll have to wait. I didn't read the first book in the series but that wasn't a problem at all so if you have the possibility to read it but you hesitate because you haven't read the first one, no need to worry. Anyway, the author captivated me right at the beginning and I was hooked until the end. This book made me laugh and I liked the main character even if she's acting a little bitchy. It's sort of refreshing, though so that was fine by me. And just because Adrienne is a angel, she's supposed to be the good girl loved by everyone? I didn't like her and she annoyed me most of the time. I just wanted her out of the picture. However, Georges and Damien were fun and frankly I still don't know which guy I want Monica to be with (Dejan/Drew/Damien...?). But with her being a succubus, she isn't really monogamous but we would be surprised in the third book, right?

I recommend it if you like that kind of book. :)