Resilient - Patricia Vanasse ***A copy has been given to me in exchange of an honest review***

"Resilient" is a really good story if you're a fan of paranormal, suspense and romance. It is more of a YA kind of book since the main characters are eighteen. The writing was good with the two different point of views, the storyline was well developed and kept me hooked until the end. I liked the characters but Livia was a little naive sometimes, and that was expected but I wish she wasn't. I love reading a book with a strong heroine, so I hope she'll be that in the second book.

When Livia's family moved in next door to Adam's family, they both didn't really know how to react with each other. Livia because Adam is the first person she can't empathized with and that put her off. After that, they'll slowly develop feelings for each other and found themselves with secrets on their own that they're afraid of sharing. They have abilities normal humans don't possess, they'll learn what they are and why. But people are chasing them since they were born. But now, they've found them.

Their abilities will be more than necessary if they want to fight the Agency. They need to act, and fast because the Agency isn't going to give up. It's dangerous, but what other choice do they have?

I'm looking forward to read the next instalment "Awakened". That scene with Adam just broke my heart and I hope Daniel and Livia will become close friends.