Hustlin' Texas

Hustlin' Texas  - K.C. Klein *ARC received through Netgalley*

3,5 stars

I really enjoyed "Hustlin' Texas" even if I found myself a little less hooked to the second part of the book because Nikki's bad reputation became a little boring and that stopped me from being on the edges. It was a nice story about a girl coming back to town to clean a debt after leaving for college without even a goodbye note. She had her degree and now she has to face the people she left behind: the judgemental ones but also her brother Cole and Jett, the best friend and lover.

He is the golden boy of the town and adored by everyone (total opposite of Nikki). He's also coming from a wealthy and powerful family who's always trying to keep him from the Logans thinking they'll bring him down or more exactly, his career in politics.

To protect herself from being hurt, she learnt a long time ago to keep her emotions in check and love isn't a feeling she's familiar with but Jett will show her that falling in love and letting go is exactly what she needs. She's also a runner and Jett doesn't want to scare her like he did that night before she left two years ago. So yeah, she's sort of unstable when feelings are involved but he won't let her go without a fight this time even if he had to drop the cool attitude and if that doesn't make him a good romance hero...! :)