Escape In You

Escape In You - Rachel Schurig ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Taylor and Zoe have both a shitty life, they are messed up in their own way and don't believe in happy endings. Partying, drinking and hooking up for fun is the only thing they know to keep their head above the water. So when they meet, they agree to keep things light (Yeaaah, sure)... And we all know what's going to really happened, don't we?

They have friends in common and hang out in the same crouds sometimes, an after a while they'll find out they need each other despite what they first said.

I enjoyed the story and the characters. It was nice to see their situations evolve and finally, they got an HEA. I'm also glad this isn't the first book in a series because man, I can't keep up with all of the sequels I need to read.

So this book was really good, but I wouldn't mind more details about what happened between the sheets! ;)