First Bite

First Bite - Dani Harper ***ARC received through Netgalley***

Geneva, also called Neva has been bitten not long ago by a werewolf. The full moon is coming and she'll turn into a monster, that's what she thinks. She decided that she won't be manipulated and become a killer. That's when she met Travis, a loner changeling. By helping her, he's getting into trouble but he won't stop until he teaches her what being a changeling really means.

So, that book was okay. That's what I'm thinking after reading the last chapter of "First bite". There was nothing spectacular but it wasn't bad either. I was intrigued at first by the summary and I thought "Why not? Maybe it's another story about werewolves I'll like!". I liked the world created by the author but at moments, I find myself a little bored because of the slow pace so I skipped a few passages (especially Meredith's point of view, it wasn't my favourite). I didn't get attached much to Nova but Travis was nice.