Claiming Her Warriors

Claiming Her Warriors - Savannah Stuart ***ARC received through Netgalley***

3,5 stars

This is a short erotica novel about two brothers Hauk and Aeron (they're warriors) who wants to mate with Brianna, the human woman they saved in one of their missions. Considering the lack of women in their community, it's a custom to have two men mating with the same woman. However, Brianna isn't really comfortable with it and makes sure to avoid contacts with one of the two brothers. She's afraid of being with the two of them at the same time but her feelings for Aeron are growing and she can't stay away from them for long.

At the beginning, I felt like we were thrown into the story without a real explanation about the world they're living in or the heroine. But we found out after that the Earth has been destroyed and that a few humans have been saved from it 12 moon cycles ago (not sure about the 12 and yes, they're telling the time in moon cycles). There was a lack of plot, it can pass but I wish there was more of a story between the three characters.

Except for those details, I really liked reading the book and I wanted more. It was hot, steamy and I wouldn't mind another story like this one to read ;).