The Gate

The Gate - K.T. Grant *ARC received in exchange of an honest review (Netgalley)*

I really liked this book, I enjoyed it a lot and was pleased to discover it! I found the heroine a little boring (at first especially) and I felt like the end was written just to have a second book. When the story picked up, however, I was hoooked until the end! I loved the characters. Catherine's story with Bryan added something to the book and I hope to read more about them! I definitely want them to be together! Well, in a sub/dom relationship anyway because he's really cute :). Just have to wait for Raymond to go away... About Max, well you could sometimes find him 'normal' with a little jealous/possessive side but it wasn't too overwhelming and I liked it. He wasn't cold and distant and that's a good thing. And Chris, damn. Why does he have to react only when she's with another man? I don't get it. Sometimes I liked him, but he could also be a jerk. I think I prefer if she end up with Max but well, I don't know. We'll see what happens next in the second book after Erika's departure.

Happy reading. :)