Uninvited - Sophie Jordan So, I got an ARC of Uninvited (I know I'm almost reading only ARC but well, I've got plenty to read :)) and I'm really happy about it because I loved the book!

The first part was a little slow but when we got at the second part the pace picked up and I loved it! I understand when people says that the heroine is a little self-centred but it didn't bother me so that's okay. I really enjoyed the plot and it made me think about human nature and how a situation like this one could easily happen.. Well, we would have to create the HTS test and find the "kill gene" but still ;).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next book! Hope I won't have to wait like a year or more because I'll probably forget some pieces of the story! (a girl can dream)
Sophie Jordan, you rock ;).