Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 5

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 5 - Adina West I was excited to start reading this because I thought it would be the last of this series or at least that it would give us more answers and action, but apparently it's not the end and the next one will be released in 2015. The end was abrupt and I didn't get why it stopped there... so, I guess I'm a little disappointed. I was frustrated while reading this fifth episode. Most of the characters irritated me and now it's pretty clear that Katerina's grandmother and her so called "family" get on my nerves.

I remember really enjoying the Omnibus Edition of the Awakening. I wanted to know what would happen next with Amarok and Alek. I expected more for the Covens Rising. I didn't hate it but I thought it could have been better, that's why I rate it only 2 stars. I'll still check out the following Episodes when it'll be released to see where the story is leaded, I hope we'll get more answers to the added mystery and that Kat will be more of a badass.

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