Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 4

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 4 - Adina West Here in this fourth episode, we find Kat in her aunt's château. After feeding from Alek she's been carried there while she wasn't really aware of what was happening.

She learns from Amarok that she can order her bracelets by putting the person she prefers nearest her hand. It's the "first promised". And now, she finds out another aspect from the man-wolf she considered her best friend for years now. She's struggling with her feelings with both of the unalil males. I like them both but I have a soft spot for Amarok. Since he wasn't really there in the previous episodes, I didn't remember it very well but now I do.

And while her romantic life is turning to be even more complicated, she finds out more about her origins and bloodline, and honestly? That's probably not a good thing for her even if it makes her more powerful, she'll be in the middle of everything that'll happen between the witches (the Coven) and the Tabérin.

There was more of Kat' story here and I liked it. I didn't really get why she started hitting the poor guy when he told her his feelings though, and I didn't understand why he said he couldn't be her consort, but that's probably because I forgot that part of the story if it was told in the Dark Child #1. It would have been nice to be reminded about that. I liked the fact that she seemed to accept a little more of her powers and I disliked her grandmother, she seemed really manipulative and ugh, I just hope she'll lose the battle who yet has to come in the next and final episode!

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***