Silver Wolf Clan

Silver Wolf Clan - Tera Shanley Morgan, her sister and her niece has been attacked by a werewolf. Greyson was around and when he heard the screams, he ran to help them. Unfortunately, it was already too late for Morgan's sister but he could still save Morgan and Lana. He sacrificed his humanity to do that. They'll meet again one year later, when he'll save her again. The thing is, he's a werewolf now and a dominant. His wolf fights him constantly to have more control over his body. He lives a lonely life now, because he can't risk anyone's life but he's too obsessed by Morgan to go away, especially when he finds out that they both are attracted to each other.

Overall, a nice and quick read about werewolves. The end was cut short, though. I didn't understand why vampires were even mentionned in this book, it seemed really out of place. Also, only send the "Barbie" She-wolf into another pack was a little stupid since she'll probably won't keep her mouth shut about Morgan, meaning her and that little girl will be in danger soon.

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***