The Sorcerer's Spell

The Sorcerer's Spell - Dani Kristoff I just couldn't get into this book. The cover had me curious even if the blurb wasn't really clear. It'll be a DNF for me, at least for now.

The beginning was kinda confusing, because we didn't really get lots of explanations about the characters or the world created at first. The so called lust and heat she could feel just by having him look at her felt forced and I didn't feel the chemistry between them. I didn't get how she could be ok with the fact that she was dreaming about making love with her dead husband but woke up having sex with a total stranger...

Also, their dialogue seemed primitive and just awkward, especially Dane but then it could also be because of the curse...Not sure about that. And why did he start having sex with his enemy, anyway? It seems like a stupid thing to do if you ask me. But then, who am I to judge? Maybe Dane didn't have enough blood in his brain to think properly!

So, this book wasn't for me, maybe it gets better after but I wouldn't know. Maybe I'll try again another time.

***ARC received through Netgalley ***
(My e-copy was full of unnecessary interspaces, who made the reading harder on my Kindle.)