Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel

Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel - Sherry D. Ficklin 4.5 Stars

The story takes place in Russia, or more precisely, in the Russian Court. Sophie, and her mother have been invited by the Empress to stay there for an undetermined time. Her mother thinks that it will be the perfect occasion to an official engagement between the young Prince Peter (16 years old) and Sophie. If this happens, a treaty will be made between Russia and Prussia and also, her mother won't have to worry and whine about poverty anymore since she'll have all the wealth she thinks she deserves.

What Sophie wants is a fairytale and a husband who'll love her but unfortunately, Peter is far from a good guy. He's still the same boy she remember from when they were children, only a bit more ruthless. He'll toy with her as he pleases by making her jealous and all sort of things. He can be impulsive and quite dangerous. He wants to control everyone, including Sophie.

Her mother doesn't really care about Sophie or anyone, except herself. She is selfish and would sell her daughter to anyone who'll pay the price. And if Sophie doesn't become engaged and then married to Peter, she'll have to be send away to marry her uncle.

He sees it as a way to secure an alliance, Mother sees it as a way to regain her lifetyle, and I see it as the only alternative to marrying my Uncle Edward.

She doesn't really have a choice and she'll soon find out that some people in the Court would like to have her out of the picture. The different girls that would like to take Sophie's place, and others that would prefer an alliance between Russia and Austria. With treacheries at every corner, Sophie doesn't know who to really trust.

If Seirgei wasn't there, I wouldn't know how she would have done it. Seriously, I felt so bad about everything that happened. And when I let myself hope that it'll be better somehow, that same hope is soon crashed to the ground by some other character. It was heartbreaking especially when it came to Alexander, I couldn't stop crying.

"Of the entire universe, I only wanted you."

I knew from the start that Rina and her sister were bad news and I disliked both of them. Same thing for Peter, he's arrogant and I just wanted to slap him... I was disappointed by Alexander and how it ended but I could understand it. I wish they'd have done something sooner, though. And Seirgei was nothing but awesome, right from the start.

"Don't let them break you Sophie, don't let them win."

I really have no idea where the story will be headed in the next book, but I'm sure I'll read it when it comes out!

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