Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1 - Adina West 2.5 stars

I've read the Dark Child series over a year ago and here, with this episode that follows the initial story, I've found myself a little confused because I didn't remember much about the story in itself or the different characters. I still have some memories that came back after a while, but not everything. I don't really understand why it isn't called Episode 6 instead of Episode 1 since it's following the Episode 5... Anyway, here it was short maybe too short to get attached again to Kat. It felt more like a sample. I wish that we had more of Kat, Jonathan and Dominic instead of having to read about Ben and that new girl we didn't really know. I'm curious how Dominic and Kat's interactions will evolve.

A little disappointed for me even if I'd read the next episode because I'm still intrigued and interested in this story!

***ARC received through Netgalley***