Ravenous - Annie Nicholas Ravenous is a prequel to Starve for love, a book about Pia Blyton, a succubus who only wants to be in love and be loved back, even if it's almost impossible for her kind, she still hopes one day it'll happen. Otherwise what's the point in living a loveless life?

So here, Pia has some troubles to accept and be what she is. She hates herself and her life especially after her Relationship with Pierre, the human she's in love with ended up a disaster. That day broke her heart and probably Pierre's too.

One day changed everything for her. She had hoped she could stay faithful to one man and live like a normal being but she found out that the hunger is more powerful than she thought. She can't control it when it wants out. Desperate, she tries to kill herself by starvation.

Then Zur-Sin (Sin) found her chained in her bed after a week. He's a vampire and since he's been employed by her father to save her, he tried to "feed" her even if she doesn't want to. The thing is, she has to be the one to orgasm to be fed and Pia is more into nice and sweet guys.

After that, she doesn't want to go back to her family so she stays to Sin's "nest" where she has to do what he says and feed on the guys he choose.

Now, she may be healthy physically but she's still a mess mentally. She doesn't have the will to live and thinks she deserve to be punished for all she's done. One night stands makes it worse and she can't be around sweet guys for too long because she'll once again fall in love.

They're in search of three "suitors" that she could be comfortable enough with to feed on but wouldn't fall in love with.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book who wasn't too short or too long for a prequel. It was hot ans steamy and I loved the characters (Pia, Cooper, John, Sin). I think it's a really good way to introduce Starved for love, even if we hadn't met that guy (the Incubus) yet, I'm kind of curious about him. Maybe I'll read it :).

***ARC received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***