Daddy's Game

Daddy's Game - Normandie Alleman I've read the first book, and I wanted to try this one too to see if I'd enjoy it more. I honestly can't say which one I liked or disliked the most. There are probably things that could be improved, like the cover. Here, it looks like the girl has stiff arms or something... (it makes me think about The Sims).

It was an okay read but at some moments it felt like the characters were rehearsing a text and I skipped a few passages because of it. I wish I'd feel more attached to these characters, I liked them but didn't love them. The sex between them was nice and steamy. The "pony" game was a first for me and I was surprised but I honestly don't want to see it in real life.

Natron was cocky at the beginning, he thought nothing bad could happen to him, so when his knee broke it seems that he become a little less arrogant. The few issues they had with Carmen seemed to have been resolved easily, maybe too easily if you ask me. Going to a strip club without saying anything about it afterward and hitting her with a belt for no other reason than to ease his anger on her... I'm not convinced. Same thing with the photo of the woman. The happy ending was expected.

***E-copy received through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review***