Unreap My Heart

Unreap My Heart - Kate Evangelista * An ARC has been given to me in exchange of an honest review*

Unreap my heart is one of those books who'll make you regret reading the last sentence of it by curiosity. So don't do it people, I'm warning you ;).

At first I didn't know if we would see Niko in this book and well, it was more a book about the journey of Ari and Balthazar through the Underverse (because of a deal made with Death at the beginning) than a book about the relationship between Arianne and Nicholas. Balthazar is a total bad-ass you shouldn't mess around with but I liked him and I also didn't know if it would be a love triangle or not.

A bond will be growing a little during the book between Balthazar and Arianne, but she still thinks about Niko even if she's doubting about how well she really knows him (distance from the person you love can do that to a person). (She's also trying to save him by doing all this)

It was really different of Reaping me soflty because there were a lot more of explanations about how the world around them worked or even about the different 'creatures' living there. We also have access to knowledge about what happened to some of the characters of the first book (Carrie and Ben) and it felt like we were receiving answers to questions we were asking ourselves before. So that's a good thing!

But at the end, you'll have new questions unanswered like how Aria will respond to Niko, or if there will still be an amorous relationship between them. Will he remember her at some point? What will happened with Carrie being the new Death? (I was really surprised about that and also shocked because I don't feel like carrie's such a charismatic character even if she's the Redeemer...) Will Balthazar's and Ari's feelings for each others progress?

If you like the first book, you'll probably like this one too. Be aware that there's a cliffhanger and if you hate the idea of not having Niko (or almost), well that's too bad... but you'll probably have your fill of him in the third book :).