Is This All There Is?

Is This All There Is? - Patricia Mann ***Copy received through Netgalley***

Okay, let's be clear about one thing: most people at some point in their life is asking themselves questions about life, about the purpose in living and "Is this all there is?" is one of them, so I was curious about reading this book. I first thought that it would be about a change in the heroine's life and maybe she became bored and wanted something more. Something exciting, like an affair.


Some readers can't stand a book when there is one of the characters who cheats on the other, and I am usually this person. But not when the cheating is somehow 'justified' and when the author succeed to make you feels the struggling between doing what is asked of you or what you desperately want to do. And here, I felt the struggling the heroine between the lust she has for Dave and the loyalty she's supposed to have toward her family. I admit it, I wanted her to be impulsive for once and be with Dave because I really enjoyed his character. Why can't you act more with your gut Beth?

Anyway, when I saw this title who was up for review, I knew I had to read it. It isn't the first book I've read about being disappointed in life, or in your relationship you have with your husband and family (and probably not the last). I hoped it would keep its promises of a good read and it did! So, if you want to read another story about a forbidden relationship between a wife and a younger man, and if you're not averse to some cheating and unexpected feelings, then go ahead and grab this book!