Super Hot

Super Hot - Vivi Andrews *Copy received through Netgalley*

Super Hot is the second book written by Vivi Andrews that I've read and I wasn't disappointed by the results. The writing was still really good and I was hooked to the story of Eric Eisenmann and Tandy Nightwing.

Ok, first about Eric I didn't see him like he was described in the book at all! I saw him as an old doctor or something like that when I read Super Bad but I was wrong, so very wrong. And it's better that way! He's hot, that's the word but he's not lucky. Really not lucky to have the worst power he could have imagine (or the more dangerous for him and everyone around him if you prefer): he's a pyrokinetic, dealing with fire, yeah that one. Every people who had this poisoned gift ended up dead in a fire when they couldn't control it anymore. He's scared and he's trying to find out a solution who may be in the hands of Tandy, the only person in her family without any power. The task will be not easy but he's desperate.

Mixing a romance with superhero's problems and you'll get an enjoyable novella like this one!