The Hunter

The Hunter - Monica McCarty *ARC received from Edelweiss*

I don't know about the previous books of this series, but I liked this one. I am not a fan of historical romance usually, believe me, but once I was hooked in the story I surprised myself wanting to know how it will end and if there will be an Ever happy ending for the characters. Sometimes I skipped passages but that's just me with that sort of books I think (at the beginning especially).

Janet isn't acting like a "normal" woman at this epoch. She does what she wants and doesn't wants a husband ordering her around or cheating on her. She's independent and I liked that. She's also stubborn, brave and once or twice annoying.

But when she's against English soldiers, she's happy to have an highland warrior at her side, Ewen. That man is never complaining about his injuries, even if they're painful, he just wants to finish his mission.

But what if he doesn't wants Janet to marry a man already choosen by the King? What if he (maybe) wants to be this man? But he knows it's impossible. Add to that, people who wants to kill them and you've got a good book ahead of you! :)