Truth or Date

Truth or Date - Susan Hatler *ARC provided through Netgalley*

Truth or Date is a short romance easy to read. Even if sometimes Gina was so oblivious of what's happening around her, it was a really cute and enjoyable story. She's always playing the "Truth or dare" with her friends or with Chris and it was fun. It also turned out to be a "Truth or date?" or a "Truth or kiss?" This one was my favourite ;).


After ending her relationship of ten years with her ex-boyfriend Georges, she's scared to make the same mistakes and start something with a man who doesn't want to commit. That's why she's trying to start something with Ethan even if she's really attracted to Chris (he's a "date-aholic" like she said).

For us, readers, it is so obvious that he loves her and you think that either Gina is completely dumb or she's acting like she doesn't get it. It was frustrating when she ends up hurting Chris just to protect herself. But the thing is, that he's been waiting for her since a long time (sweet even if it's probably not a thing who would happened in real life).

And when Kristen was trying to convince her to choose the 'Mr Right' (Ethan), Rachel on the other hand was doing the same thing with Chris (saying they would make a great couple) I wish the end was a little longer but it was fine. And at least, Gina's friends were trying to help her and weren't stabbing each other in their back like in some others books...

So, if you want a quick romance without big headaches, you can choose to read this one. :)