Starry Night

Starry Night - Debbie Macomber *ARC provided by netgalley*

"Starry Night" was simple and nice to read if you're in the mood of something 'light' but if you're looking for a hot, dark, raw or passionate book then go find some other book because this one isn't really for you. This novel is cute and makes you believe in happy endings, even if for just a moment. It takes place around the holidays with the spirit of Christmas in a few scenes. When you read it, you're longing for a man like Finn and a warm family surrounding you.

Carrie Slayton, wants to have more responsibilities in her job. That's why she accept the opportunity offered by her boss. She could write whatever she wants if she discovers where the famous and reclusive Finn Dalton lives, and if she has an interview. When she finally founds him, and try to talk to him, she's more talking to herself because even his dog is more talkative than him. But well, I kind of understand him. He doesn't want anything with a nosy journalist who enters his life without his permission and he also has a problem with women (a woman hurt him in the past and he has issues with his mother) Let's say that writing an article wouldn't be easy for her. They're liking each other anyway (surprising for both of them), so they starts a long distance relationship. (She's in the states, he's in Alaska) And that's all I'll tell you about the story.

It was okay for me but maybe it was too simple for my taste, I don't know. But if you need a book like that, enjoy :).