Taken by Him

Taken by Him - Red Garnier ***ARC received through netgalley***

This is a short romance. It was a quick read who turned out to be really enjoyable. At first, I despised Luke Preston because of his arrogant and cocky attitude. The guy has been shot because he slept with the wrong girl but he acts like he doesn't even care that if he keeps acting like that, he's going to get himself killed.

Peyton and him met on a beach at Cancun. She wanted a hot guy to have sex with him while she's on vacation. Lucky her, no-strings-attached is the middle name of that sexy billionaire. But they want more than just a one time thing. Luke had never really been in love so he's surprised to feel something for that girl he just met. However, they parted ways and that was all until they found each other again (not really surprising but it was sweet). She saw a glimpse of his "normal" life at a party and hated it, but Luke has a heart and he showed her that he's more than just a playboy.

One of my favourite quotes in the book who made me laugh out loud: "You're just pissed they haven't given you a suppository yet."

Even if a little predictable, I liked this fun story. "Taken by him" is a nice and sexy novella who can be read as a stand alone.