Grounded - G.P. Ching ***Copy received through Netgalley***

Hemlock Hollow was a safe place where Lydia couldn't be discovered by the authority. She had no idea of what she is capable of, of how powerful she is or even of her real identity until she has to cross the gates of her place to go to the hospital where her father is. She discovers then the English life where the electricity is everything. But all of a sudden, the situation gets ugly and she's arrested by the government who shows up immediately at her friend's house.

They transfer her in a laboratory where they intent to use her. And she's not the only one trapped in here, there is another guy named Korwin who's life is in danger. They broke him but Lydia has every intention of saving the both of them.

Her life was already written in advance and she accepted it. Lydia was expected to marry her childhood best friend Jeremiah, grow old and stay in her community. But then, that was before. Before she met Korwin and before her feelings for him couldn't be denied any longer.

They have such a connection it could become a danger and a weapon against everything and everyone standing around them. They're perfect for each other, just like magnets. I felt their chemistry and thought that they were beautiful when together even if I have still a soft spot for Jeremiah who doesn't deserve to be disappointed like that.

"Grounded" is the first book I've read with Amish characters and I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed reading this book, especially with all the actions. It is an enjoyable YA, mixed also with paranormal, dystopia and romance. It is definitely a win for me!