Fancy Free

Fancy Free - Shelley Munro *ARC provided by netgalley*

I'm rating it 3,5 Stars . This book is a fun read, with an original plot and good characters. It's a mix of mystery, romance and comedy. You will laugh out loud at moments and be captivated at others. You'll also want to discover who's behind all these events going on.

Alice was shocked to learn her inheritance was Fancy Free, a condom company that her godmother possessed before she died. But the thing is, Alice doesn't know anything about condoms or even about sex in general (that part was kind of annoying..). She's an accountant, had a "relationship" with a boring lawyer and has 6 months to improve this business and learn everything that the sexy James knows.

The "oldies" of this town were just so fun. They're trying to matchmaking the two of them (Alice and James) by making them test those new condoms together and it worked. They're nosy and frank when it concerns sex.

This is a good read with some sexy moments between the two main characters. This isn't the typical storyline we could find all the time, it was entertaining and I liked it.