Come and Get it

Come and Get it - Keira Cole *ARC received from netgalley*

So this is a story about a widow Dixie Rose, who's managing a foodtruck in Texas. She's adored by everyone and the men she feeds everyday would voluntary fight for her if someone talks badly about her.

Then there is Quin, the playboy who wants to buy her ranch but didn't because he likes her.. They're having a date. She's having sex with someone for the first time since her husband died in war. He's used to have what he wants, so he had her.

I didn't like when he was going out with others bimbos, when one of them called Dixie (How in hell did she do that?), insulted her with what Quin has been saying about her. The guy is criticizing her in her back about her physique and about how she could never fit in his world..

Quin is a playboy who isn't settling with just one girl. He's seeing other girls to know if he's still attracted to them after his meeting and all that with 'Rose'. His only thoughts were with Dixie (no big surprises here). The end was kind of awkward too because next thing we know, he's proposing marriage .. I found that part just ridiculous. I get that the author wanted an happy ending but well.. the marriage thing felt too unnatural.

That romance was quick and nice but it could have been better at some moments.