Undenied - Sara  Humphreys "Undenied" was a quick novella easy to read, telling Boris and Liliane's story.

Boris is a tiger. He's in his mid-twenties and his powers will soon vanished if he doesn't find his mate. He never saw her even if he contacted her through her dreams, but he suspects that she's a human girl and not a shifter like him. We learn that he lost his sister (we doesn't know much about it either) and that he was kind of abandoning the idea of being with his mate someday, until she shows up at his door in New Orleans (his bar).

Liliane is a psychic human. She can read palms and tell you your past and future. She's not a simple human and that makes the shock a little easier when she discovers that shifters exists. We doesn't know much about her except that she has a tattoo of Boris in his tiger form on her back and that she is pretty much on her own since her mother kicked her out when she was eighteen.

However, after they actually meet, it was fast and they doesn't waste time to connect with each other. I felt their chemistry, so that was a good thing and we're also reminded that hybrids and mating with a human isn't accepted by everyone in his clan (the 'purists').

But it was maybe too short (only thirty pages), it could have been longer and more developed though because it had potential. It introduces me to the Amoveo's world, and made me want to know more.
At the time I downloaded it, the e-book was free on Amazon and I'm glad I didn't miss it because I'll definitely go check out the others books in the series.