The Mating

The Mating - Nicky Charles So today, I needed my fix of werewolves and I decided to read "The Mating" who was in my to-be-read list for a while now. I'll admit it, the cover isn't really appealing but it was a really good story. I found myself enjoying this book and you probably will if you like that kind of books (paranormal romances with a touch of suspense).

It would be more of a 3,5 stars because sometimes the characters were pissing me off a little. It was like none of them were seeing what was just in front of them and acted like Marla wasn't such a manipulative woman. Elise was always ignoring the facts, and Kane didn't want to hear the truth. But if you put that part aside, I really liked all these characters (well except Marla, but that's obvious) and I wanted to know more about Ryne. He and his brother were really cute and fun when they're together at the end of the book.

I wish we had maybe a hint of Elise being pregnant with Kane's pups but that's just me being greedy. The evolution of Elise's mating (at first forced by her father for the good of the pack but then turning out to be the best thing happening to her) was nicely written.