Ember X

Ember X - Jessica Sorensen A gorgeous cover. A storyline that will keep you hooked. Two mysterious guys trying to have the heroine for themselves. Angels. Reapers. A battle and a curse. That's a win!

Well, that book definitely intrigued me. I was really curious about reading it because I've read a few books written by Jessica Sorensen before and I've never been disappointed. Ember X is another success who'll make the readers in need to know more.

I was kind of lost just like the heroine Ember was, until the end where you finally get some answers even if it's given to you in a cryptic sort of way. Sometimes you'll feel a little crazy, like you can't understand what's really going on. If you don't like reading a book where you don't understand everything right away then maybe it will bother you a little but it's not that bothering so don't worry.

Looking forward to read the next instalment to see if Cameron will be back, if Asher will find a way to contact with her once again, and if Ember will be tempted to give up her sanity, or not.