The Love Deception

The Love Deception - Jennifer St. George *ARC received from netgalley*

The beginning of the book is great and I really liked it but I found myself a little less captivated around the 2/3 of the book. It has an happy ending. It talks about injustice, love, sacrifices, drugs, alcohol, dependence and trust. The story takes place in Australia but also in Barbados. There are mystery but also romance.

"He understood. He got it. Yes, Felicity had lied and manipulated to get what she wanted. But she'd sacrificed her dreams. She'd sacrificed her passions. She'd sacrificed her life. Sacrificed it all for love." -Damon

That quote describes perfectly Felicity. She's making sacrifices to get her father out of jail because she's certain that he's an innocent man even if all the proofs are against him. She loves him deeply and would do anything to save him and have her family back. She spent 7 years of her life perfecting her knowledge of the law and become a great lawyer. She's one of the best and that's why she succeed to have an access at her father's case. Her mom died in a car crash when she was 12 and his dad has been imprisoned since she's 16 for extraction of money from his own mining company. She's been through hell but came back stronger. She's ambitious, tenacious, loving and it's not difficult to like her character.

Damon, damon, damon...


He is a good man who deserves to be happy. He's a father of two great kids: Millie and Sam. He made mistakes in the past by being too trusting but he won't do the same now. He's also Felicity's new boss after waking up naked in his bed (and she didn't remember anything). .

"Don't worry" he called."I won't prosecute you for sexual harassment." -Damon

Between Felicity and Damon, there is sexual tension and it's easy to feel at some moments (there aren't a lot). I like them as a couple with his children. They're cute together even if their relationship isn't all roses at first because of misunderstandings

It's a sweet read where the characters didn't get on my nerves and that's a good point. And even if I had big suspicions about who were behind all this for a long time before the end, it was interesting to see if my suspicions were founded or not.


And guess what? I was right.. Well, partly right anyway. :)