In a Cowboy's Bed

In a Cowboy's Bed - Vonna Harper, Lynn LaFleur, Cat Johnson *ARC provided kindly through Netgalley*

Before talking about the book itself I'd like to say that the cover isn't appealing at all, for me at least...

About the book,so it is actually three short erotic stories from different authors and where cowboys are involved.

-The first one "Two for the road" was about a ménage M/F/M. Heather wants to take a break from her life and her mother. She founds herself between two cowboys: Ned and Ben. And please, the scene at the road when the heroine needs help was just so cliché!
I was feeling like it was only the beginning of the story or something when it ended... I mean, where is the rest? Nowhere apparently.

-The second story "Soul of a cowboy" was boring. It wasn't really coherent and the writing was so slowww. Even at the beginning it was like the characters were already in love...Totally believable, hum. I didn't like it.

-In the last one "Trouble in boots", the characters were OK...Some things were just ridiculous. Some sentences were funny like Nick saying "I won't get pregnant either" No kidding?...

Anyway, the stories weren't quite well developed and it could have been better. It wasn't a good book for me.